Crowdsourced Scientific Method. 

Knowledgr is an open-access, open-participation marketplace for academic thought.

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What is Knowledgr?

Knowledgr is a network of structured, open-access micro-publications shared on a public blockchain that empowers scientists to self-govern how their research outputs are judged and rewarded. Knowledgr employs a transparent, community-derived, social-consensus algorithm that rewards observations, questions, and hypotheses with KNLG in proportion to each post’s intellectual value, as defined by the greater scientific community user base.

This format for communicating and rewarding scientific content creation establishes a new labor market for scientists that compensates their open-science efforts via evidence-based metrics designed to incentivize healthy, ethical, and efficient research behaviors.


All of the content published on Knowledgr’s blockchain will be openly available for anyone to use or reuse in anyway they see fit.


Everyone is able to earn KNLG for sharing their observations, questions, hypotheses and peer-review. Knowledgr creates a financial incentive for anyone, anywhere to share open knowledge.


Knowledgr leverages the scientific-method to constantly improve by allowing the scientific community to observe, question, and hypothesize improvements to every technical and economic detail of the platform and blockchain.

Observe. Question. Hypothesize.

The scientific method is at the core of Knowledgr. Contributions - so-called micro-publications - to the platform are organized according to questions, hypotheses, observations , each peer-reviewed by the community and linked to existing knowledge in a searchable knowledge graph. 

Data made visual.

The Knowledgr graph allows users to follow the flow of the scientific method and navigate the thread of scientific discovery through interconnected questions, hypotheses and observations. The graph empowers users to explore new posts and threads, visually show how posts build on each other over time and throughout the entire graph. We have designed the Knowledgr graph to provide a seamless experience from each individual post to their location within the graph to provide context on where you are in the total realm of scientific thought. You could zoom in from the overall view to get to the post view.

For-Science Mission Statement

Knowledgr is first and foremost committed to the progress of science. This principle guides all decisions we make and has been incorporated into our governance documents. Knowledgr will publish our code, algorithms, financial information and operating processes and seek the community’s feedback to ever improve the platform.

The Token and Economy

KNLG a token backed by open-access knowledge creation. Followed by details about economy. Contributors to each step of the scientific method are rewarded for their efforts. And for the first time, scientists will also be rewarded for the impact their contributions have on later micro-publications.

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