Our Team

Together we stand for a new kind of science.

Knowledgr was founded by a group of scientists determined to ignite change in the way we do, think, communicate, and live science.

Zach Miller

Dr. Rini Pek

VP of Community Development

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Our Advisors

Knowledgr wouldn’t be possible without our committed strategic advisors at MouseBelt (Galen, Levin, and Patrick) and their team, and our unconditional early supporters who have shaped and helped Knowledgr grow from day one.

Dr. Cristina Escoda

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Daniel Himmelstein

Scientific Advisor

Tristan Roberts

Scientific Advisor

Carissa Hilliard

Tracy Coleman

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jon Tennant 

Scientific Advisor

Galen Danziger

CTO, MouseBelt

Alexander Levin Holz

CEO, MouseBelt

Patrick McLain

COO, MouseBelt

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